Kite Boarding Holloways Beach Cairns Part 1.

If you have ever seen Kite Boarding on TV or while hanging at the beach, you have no doubt thought “Man that looks fun!”. Am I right?….    Well we have anyways. So when we came across this setup at an op shop for $30 we thought, now is the time to find out. Check out the vid!

Your going to have to wait for part 2 to see if I can actually get on the board. This is much, MUCH harder than it looks!!! Also just coming out of stinger season and the few Crocs seen around cairns beaches this year, I was a little worried about getting to far out in the water!

Although it is difficult to even get the kite to stay up without any lessons, the amount of force these things have is awesome and definantly got the adrenalin pumping when it was trying to pull me off my feet. Super keen to give it another try and see if I can actually get on the board! Time to get on youtube and do some more research! LOL

You may be saying to your self…..Dude! Go get some lessons! And that’s a top idea, but I’ve always found that figuring stuff out yourself is heaps more exciting and gives you a huge sense of achievement when you finally get it.

So as I always say….”If you want to do something, Just get it done!”

Big thanks to my kite launch buddy Bianca! She did all the work on this one! haha

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And don’t forget to always Live For Fun!!

Jazz and Binky…….

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