Bitcoin and Crypto Currency

No doubt by now you’ve heard of Crypto Currency or at the very least Bitcoin (The mother of all crypto’s) and probably through spam emails (which you should never click on , as they ARE most definantly scams). I heard about this a while back when Bitcoin was trading for under $5. I was interested but thought, (It all sounds a little too hard and a little suspicious). Well a couple years later as Bitcoin hit an all time high of $9000 per coin, I signed up with Coinspot (an aussie owned online wallet and trading platform for crypto’s) and bought my first $200 of bitcoin.

In the next month or so Bitcoin had reached around $20000 and I had doubled my now $1300 I have invested. That $1300 initial Investment is now over $4500 in just 3 months and Bitcoin is around $26000 per coin. Not bad for someone who’s savings account has never saw more than a few hundred dollars in it. Binky Invested $50 and pulled out $200 a month later, even my son Jensen put in $20 of his piggy bank change and thats now over $50.

Although Bitcoin has been on the rise of late. It’s “Altcoins” that are exciting as some of these coins you can purchase for under 1 cent each ($100 bought me over 50000 Bytecoin recently), which leaves a lot of room to grow and make profits.

Coinspot has a large range of Altcoins to choose from for investing or to have some fun trading. It’s easy to sign up for your own account, although it can take a few days to get verified as security is Important to Coinspot and thats a good thing!! The fees Coinspot charge are higher than most exchanges and eventually I may change to an International Exchange with lower fees, but this is a small price to pay for there easy to use Interface, especially when your starting out.

Facebook has a heap of Crypto pages to get advice from and if your going to try a few trades, make sure to do some research about the coin and what it offers. It’s really interesting stuff. As an ending i’ll say, Never invest more than your willing to lose. And don’t freak out if you choose a coin that drops straight after you buy in. Just wait it out and the value will normally increase again in a short peiod of time.

So if your Interested in all this jump on Coinspot and check it out. Watch some vids on youtube, there are so many. If you have any questions or a good success story, just drop a comment below and i’ll get back to you. Happy Trading!😁