Wallaby Creek Festival

Live For Fun mini adventure to the Wallaby Creek Festival.

Wallaby Creek Festival is a 3 day celebration of music and the arts, surrounded by the beautiful heritage listed wet tropical rainforest of far north Queensland.

The festival has been held September of each year at Home Rule Rainforest Lodge-camping in Rossville, just south of Cooktown, and will be in its 16th year, 2017.

With 3 magical days of musicians, artists and workshops entwined with an amazing and diverse collection of market stalls and crafters, healing spaces, dedicated children’s festival and activities, crafts, street artists and entertainers, Wallaby Creek Festival is a wonderful family-focused event.

Full use of Home Rule Lodge, its surrounds and camping is available for all ticket holders and makes a truly fantastic retreat for the September holidays for family and friends.

If you see us up there, come say hi or if you need anymore details head over to the festivals website

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Lunch with “Mr Soy Boy”

Love Asian food? Then “Mr Soy Boy” is a must do!!

Mr Soy Boy shopfront 463-465 Mulgrave Road

Luckily enough, today that while during the ritual of our friday “Opshop Cruise” we found ourselves a few shops down from Ferdi Salvani’s recently opened “Mr Soy Boy Restuarant and Bar“. So with stomachs growling we stepped inside to be welcomed  by Ferdi himself who happily greets everyone who comes in, even though he’s hard at it in the kitchen.

Binky and Ferdi

I’m not sure if it’s the amazing smells from the kitchen or Ferdi’s feeding his staff happy pills, but Wow! Such nice people eager to make your dining experience one to remember.

THE FOOD! Now we don’t profess to be any sort of food critics but we know what we like. Fresh, Light, Tasty, and Authentic . Mr Soy Boy ticks all the boxes and all the sauces are made in house! The menu had a great selection to choose from. Finally we decided on the Chicken Singapore Noodles, Handmade Chicken and Pork Springrolls, Potato and Vegetable Curry Puffs and a few tasty Asian beers! 

Singapore Noodles
Spring Rolls, Curry Puffs and Tasty Beer!

So do yourself a favour ,head down to see Ferdi and the crew at Mr Soy Boy. You won’t be dissapointed! They are opened Mon-Sat 10:30am-2:30pm for lunch and 4:30pm-8:30pm for dinner. Click on one of the links to head over to the Mr Soy Boy website or click the pic below to check out the Awesome menu.

Click this pic to go straight to the menu


Jazz and Binky..


Hi everyone! Welcome to Live For Fun!


Ever since I remember i’ve always felt strongly that there was something better out there, a need to constantly progress in life, to move forward to the next thing. Over the last 10 years i thought that meant getting a better job, making more money, buying all the things I want, when I want ,regardless of how much debt I accrued in the process.

Very recently while sitting by the pool at our house, my girlfriend Bianca and I had just moved all of our ridiculous amount of possessions into, we were discussing what to do the next day. Should we take the Harley out for a ride, spend the day riding dirt bikes or take the new boat out to the reef and go snorkelling. All of these options would have led to an adventurously fun day no doubt, if it weren’t for the lack of funds from having to pay off all these toys.  That’s when it hit us!

Maybe all these possessions that, HAVE actually helped create a lot of amazingly memorable adventures for both of us are now whats holding us down, preventing us from progressing to the next level……….

SO…… we have decided to get out of debt by selling the toys and the things we just don’t really need, to free up our finances to see the world! This is not an easy thing to do for me……….I have grown rather attached to my Harley, I cry most nights.  but it”s time to LIVE FOR FUN!!

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Wish us luck!!

Jazz and Bianca!



Caught in a ligtning storm on a jetski near Fitzroy Island Cairns