Wallaby Creek Festival

Whether your looking for a relaxing weekend with the family or a camping getaway with your favourite people to get your groove on, then The Wallaby Creek Music and Arts Festival is for you. Set in the beautiful world heritage listed wet tropical rainforest of Far North Queensland, held every September at Home Rule Rainforest lodge.

This was my first festival experience with the young fella,and to be honest I was a little worried about getting bored. Having to be “responsible” and all. This was definantly not the case! Binky, Jensen and I had an awesome time! There’s so much to see and do, for the kids, and the adults. Fire Stick weilding Acrobats, a huge range of massage, jewellery, clothing and food market stalls, healing spaces, street artist entertainers, dedicated workshops for the kids and musicians from all genres playing all day and well into the night.

Wallaby Fun

Music by The Brains Trust

The Campsite is huge and has a variety of different areas. If you’ve got the kids, camp in the family area which is actually really quiet so you can still get a good nights sleep, or if your with your mates you probably want to be in the party section where the beats keep going all night! I got the DJI Spark up for some aerials of the Camping and Stage area. Check it out Below…..

The Wallaby Creek Festival Camp Grounds

Music by The Brains Trust

As you can see in the video above there are three dams to swim in and a creek that surrounds the camp grounds with endless beautifull swimming holes. We didn’t get a chence to visit the nearby waterfall which is  a short walk away but heard it’s amazing. (NEXT YEAR!!)

Down The Creek

Overall this was a great experience! The people are super friendly, super chilled and just keen to have fun! (Our kinda peeps!) The Festival runs for 3 days. Camping is included with the ticket price. So if your feeling stressed out by city life, get out in the bush and have some fun at The Wallaby Creek Music and Arts Festival. For more info just click on The Wallaby Creek Music and Arts Festival Links.

The Kids Shack

Oh! Make sure to stop in at The Lions Den Hotel which is just down the road. Great historic pub!


A ShoutOut and a thank you to The Brains Trust for allowing us to use there beautiful music on this post. They had an amazing set at the festival. Blew us away! Click the links to check em out on Facebook or give them your vote  and download these tunes on Triple J Unearthed.


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Stay fun! Jazz and Binky..


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A Guide to Motor Cycling Vietnam

Hi and Welcome to Thanks for clicking. This post is just a quick guide for any of you thinking of doing Vietnam on 2 wheels. Don’t worry about all the negative stuff you see on the net. Just Do It!! It’s Amazing!  Enjoy.

Vietnam River                                                              Vietnam Tomb

Trip Planning. You’ll need time.

You find out very quickly that it takes a long time to get anywhere on a bike in Vietnam. The first day I had planned to do 300 km’s from Ho Chi Min to Da Lat, thinking it would take me 5 hours maximum……

 The Road to Da Lat
Da Lat Flower Festival
Da Lat Flower Festival

By the end of that day I had done 11 hours on the bike, had gotten lost trying to get out of the city, (be warned, your GPS directs you to the quickest way out of the city, some main highways do not allow motorbikes on them, so do your research), been run off the mountain road to Da Lat by a bus overtaking another bus round a blind corner, and had my credit card frozen by my bank. Just had enough cash for fuel to make it there, get a bunk for the night,a pack of chips and a beer. Now that’s adventure!! Loving it! I think 300 km’s per day is the max you should aim to travel, so that you still enjoy yourself.

Vietnam Motorbike
                       The Local Bikers


Vietnamese Helmets are Crap

I was fortunate enough to take my helmet with me.  I did try a few on when I bought my  bike as I thought I would bring one home for a piece of memorabilia. None of them fit me and the ones that were close were very uncomfortable and offered bugger all protection. It was no trouble taking mine on the flights tied to my backpack, I even had my motocross boots strapped to my pack which I only used on one day when it was raining and muddy. Not worth the hassle of lugging them around.


Buying your bike

First of all, before anything, make sure you get the little pink slip with the bike. This proves ownership. DO NOT buy a bike without one! It tells people of authority  that you have not stolen the bike. 

Honda Win Motorbike
                  Honda Win 100 Weapon!!


 I found It very easy to get a bike in Ho Chi Min. Just around the corner from my hotel was a guide. A really nice guy who offered to show me a good place for lunch, I asked him about getting a bike,  he was super helpful and took me to his “friends” bike shop. When we got to the bike shop I was sat down on the side of the road and given a beer. AWESOME! In no time a bike came from across the street and pulled up in front of me. A slick lookin dude jumps of and says,”Hey my good friend! I have best bike for you!!”  Proper salesman! Haha.

Bike Shopping Vietnam Style

The bike was a piece of shit! The engine sounded like it had ball bearings rattling around inside it, tires were crap, just not good at all. I told him “no way man, I want something better! So he comes back with A Honda Win 100 (very popular bike there) with a titanium exhaust and aftermarket mirrors. SOLD!!   It was actually a pretty good bike , although at $600  I paid way too much for it. If you have the time, make sure to barter, I probably could have got it for $300 if I wasn’t so eager.

Bike Repairs
    Installing the luggage rack


Embrace your Horn

The seemingly random, very annoying and constant horn beeping you immediately notice when you arrive in Vietnam actually serves a purpose. Vietnamese don’t beep their horns out of rage or annoyance, it’s used as a warning to let people know they are about to be passed. So when you hear a horn beep behind you, be sure not to swerve left or right as someone is about to pass you. Most of the time very close, and if it’s a small bus….also very quickly. Don’t be shy to use your horn. A quick beep to let people know your coming passed. It works really well.


                               The Traffic

                                      Don’t hesitate

It’s really easy to get intimidated by the traffic in Vietnam. The key is to be smooth when you enter the traffic and don’t hesitate. You’ll be amazed at how everything just flows around you.


Maintaining your bike

Maintenance is very important. Whatever bike you buy, it’s most probably going to be old and have done a lot of work.I was doing oil changes every 800 km’s it cost me about $10 Australian to get fresh oil and the chain tightened and greased, the little street side bike shops will normally do it for you straight away and they seemed to know what I wanted even though they didn’t speak english.

  A Quick $10 Service


Traffic Rules

There are road rules in Vietnam, these should really be called road “suggestions”, as most people use them that way. From what I learnt and saw these are the main “road suggestions”to follow

1.  Ride on the right hand side of the road.

 2.  The slower you want to ride, the farther right you should be.

3.  Do not run red lights….Yes some other people do but I was told by my guide in Ho Chi Min that the police will see you on a camera, chase you down and shoot you! The look on his face when he told me that was enough for me to not run red lights! hahaha

4.  Buses, Trucks and Cars have right of way and they do not care if they run you over, so stay out of their way.

If you follow these basic rules and don’t ride like a dickhead, you’ll be fine.

Ha Long Bay Vietnam Cruise
                          Ha Long Bay

                                     The Police!

I research this topic a lot before I went to Vietnam. People were saying it’s crazy to ride over there as you need an international licence (Which i didn’t have time to arrange) and may not even be recognised or as some were saying a Vietnamese licence (which takes far to long to get).

Ha Long Bay
            Ha Long Bay Cave Entrance

I only had my Australian Bike Licence, I saw police only twice during my whole trip. The first time was in Da Lat, they were set up on the side of a roundabout. My motocross helmet with go pro on top and tall stature made me an obvious tourist. They did look at me the few times I went passed, but I avoided eye contact and pretended not to see them. Ha Ha Ha. Works every time! They didn’t seem too worried.

The next time was at a roadblock where they were pulling trucks up. Gave em a wave and rode straight passed. The adrenalin was pumping a little on that one. Ha ha. Once again if  you’re not riding like an idiot and wearing a helmet, I don’t really think they good be bothered with the paperwork.


          The old Temple Hue

                        My trip breakdown                           

Ho Chi Min – Da Lat

Da Lat – Nah Trang

Nah Trang – Quy Nohn

                                                                Quy Nohn – Hoi an

                                                             Hoi an – Hue

By the time I got to Hue, I had the choice of riding long days for the remaining days of my holiday or selling the bike and catching the overnight train to Hanoi. I made the decision to catch the train as I really wanted to visit Ha Long bay, which you must do if you visit Vietnam. It’s amazing!! I sold my bike really easily, I rode into Hue and a guy came up and asked if I needed anything while I was stopped at a red light, I told him I wanted to sell my bike and his cousin bought it. Too easy!

Buddhist Monks

This turned out to be a good move, as when I removed my backpack I found that the rear subframe of the bike had snapped and was about to fall off, which would have dropped all my belongings (passport included) all over the road. Phew!

I was a little disappointed I didn’t finish the ride, but those last few days relaxing in the islands really made my trip and from what the locals were saying there is not a lot to see from Hue to Hanoi.

Well I hope this post has given you a little bit of helpful information. This was the best thing I have ever done and will definantly do it again some day for sure. If you have any questions that I didn’t cover in this post, just drop a comment and i’ll do my best to answer them.

                   Cat Ba Island….Do This!

    Good Luck and always remember to Live For Fun!

Written by Jarrod Costa


Lunch with “Mr Soy Boy”

Love Asian food? Then “Mr Soy Boy” is a must do!!

Mr Soy Boy shopfront 463-465 Mulgrave Road

Luckily enough, today that while during the ritual of our friday “Opshop Cruise” we found ourselves a few shops down from Ferdi Salvani’s recently opened “Mr Soy Boy Restuarant and Bar“. So with stomachs growling we stepped inside to be welcomed  by Ferdi himself who happily greets everyone who comes in, even though he’s hard at it in the kitchen.

Binky and Ferdi

I’m not sure if it’s the amazing smells from the kitchen or Ferdi’s feeding his staff happy pills, but Wow! Such nice people eager to make your dining experience one to remember.

THE FOOD! Now we don’t profess to be any sort of food critics but we know what we like. Fresh, Light, Tasty, and Authentic . Mr Soy Boy ticks all the boxes and all the sauces are made in house! The menu had a great selection to choose from. Finally we decided on the Chicken Singapore Noodles, Handmade Chicken and Pork Springrolls, Potato and Vegetable Curry Puffs and a few tasty Asian beers! 

Singapore Noodles
Spring Rolls, Curry Puffs and Tasty Beer!

So do yourself a favour ,head down to see Ferdi and the crew at Mr Soy Boy. You won’t be dissapointed! They are opened Mon-Sat 10:30am-2:30pm for lunch and 4:30pm-8:30pm for dinner. Click on one of the links to head over to the Mr Soy Boy website or click the pic below to check out the Awesome menu.

Click this pic to go straight to the menu


Jazz and Binky..


Kite Boarding Holloways Beach Cairns Part 1.

If you have ever seen Kite Boarding on TV or while hanging at the beach, you have no doubt thought “Man that looks fun!”. Am I right?….    Well we have anyways. So when we came across this setup at an op shop for $30 we thought, now is the time to find out. Check out the vid!

Your going to have to wait for part 2 to see if I can actually get on the board. This is much, MUCH harder than it looks!!! Also just coming out of stinger season and the few Crocs seen around cairns beaches this year, I was a little worried about getting to far out in the water!

Although it is difficult to even get the kite to stay up without any lessons, the amount of force these things have is awesome and definantly got the adrenalin pumping when it was trying to pull me off my feet. Super keen to give it another try and see if I can actually get on the board! Time to get on youtube and do some more research! LOL

You may be saying to your self…..Dude! Go get some lessons! And that’s a top idea, but I’ve always found that figuring stuff out yourself is heaps more exciting and gives you a huge sense of achievement when you finally get it.

So as I always say….”If you want to do something, Just get it done!”

Big thanks to my kite launch buddy Bianca! She did all the work on this one! haha

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And don’t forget to always Live For Fun!!

Jazz and Binky…….

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Live For Fun!


Ever since I remember i’ve always felt strongly that there was something better out there, a need to constantly progress in life, to move forward to the next thing. Over the last 10 years i thought that meant getting a better job, making more money, buying all the things I want, when I want ,regardless of how much debt I accrued in the process.

Very recently while sitting by the pool at our house, my girlfriend Bianca and I had just moved all of our ridiculous amount of possessions into, we were discussing what to do the next day. Should we take the Harley out for a ride, spend the day riding dirt bikes or take the new boat out to the reef and go snorkelling. All of these options would have led to an adventurously fun day no doubt, if it weren’t for the lack of funds from having to pay off all these toys.  That’s when it hit us!

Maybe all these possessions that, HAVE actually helped create a lot of amazingly memorable adventures for both of us are now whats holding us down, preventing us from progressing to the next level……….

SO…… we have decided to get out of debt by selling the toys and the things we just don’t really need, to free up our finances to see the world! This is not an easy thing to do for me……….I have grown rather attached to my Harley, I cry most nights.  but it”s time to LIVE FOR FUN!!

Drop your email address in the Subscribe box and we’ll keep you posted on all our adventures.

Wish us luck!!

Jazz and Bianca!



Caught in a ligtning storm on a jetski near Fitzroy Island Cairns