Living the dream

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Ever since I remember i’ve always felt strongly that there was something better out there, a need to constantly progress in life, to move forward to the next thing. Over the last 10 years i thought that meant getting a better job, making more money, buying all the things I want, when I want ,regardless of how much debt I accrued in the process.

Very recently while sitting by the pool at our house, my girlfriend Bianca and I had just moved all of our ridiculous amount of possessions into, we were discussing what to do the next day. Should we take the Harley out for a ride, spend the day riding dirt bikes or take the new boat out to the reef and go snorkelling. All of these options would have led to an adventurously fun day no doubt, if it weren’t for the lack of funds from having to pay off all these toys.  That’s when it hit us!

Maybe all these possessions that, HAVE actually helped create a lot of amazingly memorable adventures for both of us are now whats holding us down, preventing us from progressing to the next level……….

SO…… we have decided to get out of debt by selling the toys and the things we just don’t really need, to free up our finances to see the world! This is not an easy thing to do for me……….I have grown rather attached to my Harley, I cry most nights.  but it”s time to LIVE FOR FUN!!

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Wish us luck!!

Jazz and Bianca!



Caught in a ligtning storm on a jetski near Fitzroy Island Cairns